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There are two main criteria that should be considered.

  1. Height
  2. Area of application

1. Height

We offer three different sizes for the following body heights:

  • VLUV 55: ca. 130–155 cm
  • VLUV 65: ca. 155–180 cm
  • VLUV 75: ca. 180–200 cm

Here you can choose the ball size according to your height. Tip: if you are between two ball sizes, 152–157cm and 178–182cm, you should choose the smaller size if you want to sit comfortably; or decide for the larger model if you want to sit more actively.

2. Area of application

If you want to use the ball purely for sitting or exercising, you can choose the size according to the first point. However, if you want to use your VLUV for working in the office, the location is also an important decision criterion. For ball sizes 55 and 75 you should use a height-adjustable desk, otherwise, no comfortable, ergonomic seat will be created. For standard tables with a height of about 74 cm, you should always use a VLUV 65, even with a smaller or taller height.

First, you should check that you have received the correct product components.

  1. To determine if you have received the correct outer cover, please measure the diameter of the round top:
    20 cm Ø: 65 cm ball
    25 cm Ø: 75 cm ball
  2. To determine if you have received the correct inner ball, please weigh it:
    1000–1100 g: 65 cm inner ball
    1200–1300 g: 75 cm inner ball

If the inner ball has the right size, you can safely inflate it to the size of the outer cover. The material, a very flexible, burst-proof PVC, is extremely adaptable and can be inflated much more, at least up to the size of the ball cover. As described, you need a good pump that can generate the needed pressure.

At first, the ball can be a bit hard, but the PVC expands within 24 hours and gets softer. Usually after the full inflation after 24 hours you can release some air and that will make the ball softer.

A slight air loss over a period of 6–12 months is normal, just adjust it with the enclosed hand pump. If your VLUV loses pressure faster, please check:

  1. Is the room temperature stable? With lower room temperatures of about 2–3 degrees Celsius, the decreasing internal pressure may require you to inflate the ball a bit more.
  2. Is the sealing plug firmly pressed in? Check whether the sealing plug is flush and firmly pressed in.

If none of the above applies, replace the plug first with the replacement plug that came with the kit and check if the ball continues to lose air. If there is still pressure loss, please contact us via our contact form, we will be happy to help.

The covers of the VLUV STOV, SOVA, AQVA, and LEIV models can be safely machine washed at 30 degrees Celsius. If only a small spot is to be removed, lather it with soap and lukewarm water, for example in the shower, and then dry the ball in the sun or on the radiator.

The covers of the VEEL model can be carefully rubbed with a damp cloth.

The covers of the VELT model can be carefully rinsed with cold water or dry cleaned.

Yes, using a VLUV seating ball can have a relaxing and soothing effect during pregnancy. However, we always recommend that you take a seat with the utmost care and, if possible, use the help of another person to prevent accidents.

For warranty reasons, we only sell the complete product. Only when using our quality-tested inner ball we can guarantee the safety of the product.

Try to reduce the internal pressure of the ball by taking it into a cooler room, e.g. the basement or garage, and leave it there for about 3–4 hours. After that, the internal pressure should be reduced so that you can reach the plug and remove it.

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